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Pressure Doesn't Work: Build Teams the Right Way

"Putting pressure on a software team to deliver faster is the absolute worst thing you can do!" is the uncomfortable truth every engineering leader should hear.

In my journey as an engineering leader, I've often found myself in hot water for refusing to put pressure on my team. However, resisting the urge to apply pressure is imperative for sustainable team performance.

Here's why:

The Result? More delays and inferior outcomes.

The Alternative

When you notice your team struggling to ship on time, try easing the pressure rather than ramping it up. Focus on:

The Outcome: Your team might not deliver everything planned, but what they do deliver will be customer satisfaction and tangible business value.

As a leader, navigating this path is tough but crucial for building resilient, effective teams. Facing similar challenges or seeking advice on creating a more productive team dynamic? Benefit from my free 30-minute consultation. Contact me to explore strategies that have worked for me and could work for you too.