Public event: Craft Conference

28th May 09:00 - 17:00 CET, Budapest

About Lean Poker

Our mission

Lean Poker is committed to making agile and lean practices a lived experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. We understand that pure theoretical know-how often fails to translate into action, especially in complex, real-world projects where stakes are high and impediments are many. By offering a safe, simulated environment through Lean Poker, we not only demonstrate the art of the possible but also ignite a fire in teams to tackle impediments and experiment in their actual work environments.

How Lean Poker works

Startup Simulator

Lean Poker events typically last between 8 to 10 hours. In this period, teams develop poker-playing robots that are engaged in a continuous game of Texas Hold'em from the outset, playing a new hand every 5 seconds.

This simulates a volatile market environment, teaching teams to adapt rapidly—just as they would in a real-world business scenario.

Feedback Loops

Our certified facilitators provide teams with feedback on their development processes each hour. During these feedback retrospectives, teams also share their challenges and roadblocks, learning from each other in the process.

This aspect is crucial for honing essential soft skills: understanding the problems of others, self-assessment, and gathering external feedback.

Gamification and Team Building

Teams earn points based on their robots' performance: 5 points for the winner of each poker round and 3 for the runner-up. The points accumulate over the course of the event, and the team with the most points at the end is declared the winner.

Why Choose Lean Poker?

Unlock Potential: The event shows the team what is possible, thereby motivating them to improve their processes.

Assess Agility: Provides a snapshot of how far the team has progressed in terms of agile maturity.

Safe Experimentation: Offers a safe space for teams to experiment with new techniques and approaches they might have recently learned about.

Team Building & Branding: Acts as a fun team-building exercise that also serves to enhance employer branding.

Innovate Your Training: When incorporated into agile training programs, Lean Poker not only adds a practical, hands-on component but also positions the training provider as forward-thinking and innovative.

What's Next? How to Get Started with Lean Poker

Ready to dive in? Here are your next steps based on who you are and what you're looking for:

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Upcoming Participants: Already enrolled in an upcoming Lean Poker event? Feel free to just show up, or prepare ahead by reading the Participants guide.

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