The Agile Training Experience
100% Gamified

Imagine a corporate training. Then forget it. We provide a revolutionary agile coaching session that all your developers love. > Why lean Poker?



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How it works

how it works

Each team gets a robot - their only task is to teach it how to play poker.

Every 3 seconds, robots play a round of Texas Hold’em Poker with each other.

The winner robot gets 5 points, the runner-up gets 3. At the end of the day the most successful robot (and dev team) is the one with the most points.

Our experienced coach gives valuable feedback to the teams every hours- after every team member has shared thier expreience with all the players.

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Why LeanPoker

Informal learning > Formal education

We believe that an informal context ensures that agile becomes actionable practice, rather than dull principles. A game of poker simulates rapidly changing markets, while winning replicates customer feedback.

We improve teamwork

Fighting with other teams along with some technical and non-technical folks has been proven to create some long-lasting friendships, ensuring cohesion within your team.

World class coach - world class feedback

Ivett, our experienced coach has worked with top dev teams throughout her carreer. Let her share her insights and improve your teamwork!

Continuous deployment

At the core of the Lean Poker method lies the philosophy of continuous deployment. We teach coders to quickly react to feedback and get them used to fast changes in the markets.



It was amazing to see the difference a good product owner can make for the productivity of the team.


Csaba Szirják

VP of Engineering, OTT-ONE

Apparently it’s quite intense. There’s some fairly ugly code that wins. But there’s also some fairly ugly code that looks like it’s winning but suddenly they get tripped up. Great story!


Dan North

Principal, Dan North&Associates

Experience the miracle of self-organizing teams.


András Rutkai

Software Engineer, Nokia

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The person behind the idea

Ivett Ördög - While being a lead dev at a global marketing solutions provider, she is the perfect opposite of the coach who teaches from the book. She lives, practices, and teaches agile, lean and continuous deployment - and she's more than happy to share her knowledge and comments with your team. > More on our coach