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23rd-24th November // 13:30 - 17:00 CET

Take Agile From Theory
to Competitive Mastery

Lean Poker is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop that bridges the gap between Agile theory and practice. By collaborating with Agile educators and organisations, we add a hands-on dimension to traditional Agile trainings. We expose teams to the thrill of quick, data-driven decisions, turning them into champions of value-driven delivery.

How It Works

Ever been on a team that talks the agile lingo, but falls short of being truly agile? Watch our video that dives into why well-meaning teams often engage in 'Agile Theater' and how Lean Poker events can break the cycle, or read more here.

What people say about Lean Poker

The event reinforced how crucial it is to deliver fast, monitor results, and adapt based on data. It's what Agile engineering should be, but we often get sidetracked.

Johnathan Hair
Johnathan Hair
Head of Engineering

Loved Lean Poker for its real-world edge over code katas. Ever since I first participated I want to share this invaluable experience with other developers.

Lars Eckart
Lars Eckart
Technical Coach

Lean Poker is not just enjoyable, it's a smart Agile training tool that offers a risk-free environment to experiment with Agile practices.

Patrick Fehr
Patrick Fehr
Product Owner
Quatico Solutions AG

All in all I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. Lean poker is a fun way to practice lean principles and get to know people and I highly recommend it.

Siôn le Roux
Siôn le Roux
Software Development Team Lead
Adevinta Hungary