What is Lean Poker?

Lean Poker is a day long workshop, focusing on aspects of Lean Startup and Continuous Deployment.

Lean Startup and Agile build on a tight feedback loop, but many teams struggle with implementing it. The purpose of Lean Poker, is to generate an artificial environment where developers can quickly experiment with continuous delivery and other practices that will give your company a competitive edge. During the day, you will learn how to achieve a build measure learn cycle on the order of mere minutes.

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Supported languages

Bellow is a list of languages currently supported out of the box. Lean Poker can potentially support any language that can respond to HTTP POST requests. To add your favorite language to the list bellow, just port the framework to that language, and drop me an email with the link to the GitHub repository. The logos link to the framework repositories.

Event structure

Our problem domain is building a poker robot that plays sit'n'gos of Texas Hold'em, but don't worry, you don't need to know the rules of poker, we will explain what you need to know. (Also: no real money is involved.) The catch is that the robots start playing against each other the minute teams start coding. From that moment on, every few seconds the robots will play a sit'n'go, and the two winners are awarded points. This means that every few seconds you either gain on the other teams or lose. This puts enormous pressure on teams to deploy as often and as soon as possible.

Professional poker robots are developed for years, so the purpose is definitely not to come up with something really smart, but to be the smartest among the current competitors. With this in mind teams can come up with simple-to-implement heuristics, examine their effect on game play, and then improve their algorithm in a similar, lean fashion.

Teams will be formed at the start of the day. The teams have 60 minute sessions when they are allowed to code. After each session there is a break, during which some highlights of the games played by the robots are shown on a screen. Before the break there is a quick retrospective stand up meeting that looks back on the previous session.

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What you will need:

  • A laptop
  • Compiler / Interpreter for your favourite language
  • A good editor or IDE
  • Optionally: your favourite keyboard and mouse, so that you feel confortable while coding

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