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Who is Rafael?

Rafael is a lead developer and an experienced dev coach at a global marketing solutions provider. He combines his developer skills with a mindful and critical approach to people, and is an active participant of meetups, conferences, and the Hungarian developer community in general. He has taught university courses and is an occasional blog author. He is also the creator of the Morning Commute YouTube channel

The unique combination of coaching and coding is what makes him such a good fit for Lean Poker events - he is the perfect opposite of the coach who teaches from the book. He lives, practices, and teaches agile, lean and continuous deployment - and he's more than happy to share his knowledge and comments with your team.


Rafael Ördög

Team Lead
Emarsys Technologies

His works and videos

His videos and works can be accessed at the following links:


Take a look at Rafael's blog here


You could also watch his videos here.

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To quote one of our past clients:

Lean thinking is not something you can fully understand from a book, and adapt it into practice. Lean Poker is an awesome workshop, which demonstrates lean thinking's advantages in a funny, interactive and slightly competitive way.